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There’s something about those two very same structures carefully planted on our different faces..Who knows…maybe that’s where God put our difference…the way to our own uniqueness..They are the small gateway to this big world and luckily enough,everybody’s is in their own orbits..No need to struggle to make it through..unless u choose to close your mind to yours or worse still, cover your face with what others have seen..

Nothing ever looks the same;unless it’s the same beholder or even better unless he’s older And even for that, it’ll just be a bigger picture or a tainted miniature..brighter or fainter…
Our attitudes and thoughts depend on what we see when they make way through our fine filters…and tell me,which two people see everything the same way?.If they’re both passionate about God, they’ll be polls apart with loving their neighbors as themselves.If they manage to sync on that too, women will proudly hold the keys to their discrepancy..If eventhough hard and hardly, they sing the same tune with that too,the offering bowl has to be frank with us.
I think you’re awesome because when they think you brag,I see charisma and manness and admire..
The worst thing you say about you is the best thing I’ve been praying to hear..
When people see a degenerate,randy kid,all I clearly see is a helpless moment driven child..When it looks like blazing autocracy,I see dire responsibility..
When my friends screamed no curves,no school,no elegance,all my eyes brought to focus were the straightness you  create when you speak, the free love inside your heart that a hundred doctorates wouldn’t give and the smile I wish I would wake up next to every next day…

Why did they see sex where I saw love?
Why did they choose wild desire over soft passion..I’ll only find out if I look through them….wait a sec..Do I need four eyes? To see one truth?..Logic wouldn’t lemme..
Life is lived once.. So I choose to live mine the best way I’ve learnt how..Seeing through my own eyes and taking my own steps..

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When Adam Saw Eve

Femininity is not only  about wild curves and a fine face.It has more to do with the calm soul inside that breathes still into every kind of chaos. 

It is the cold compassion that overflows in the face of wrong 

It is not about the countless  stilletos that swim out when you part the drawer, or the artillery of make-up that sit till “forever” on the dressing table. 

It is the adorable ‘you’ left standing when you get off your heels and wipe off all the make up .It’s the ocean of tears that laugh at your imperfections and scream at you to be louder than your fears.

Beauty is only skin deep. The journey inside a woman is a true test of courage and strength that complement the attractiveness on the outside.

When Adam saw Eve,I imagine he looked at her in awe and mused,”all of this glamour, from my own rib?”

It was clear that the deep,long sleep was completely worth it; and oh! the missing rib, it had completely paid off.

He hoped for a companion and a playmate; an equal,a partner.

But no! Not Exactly.

Their likeness was estranged. Equality for them had been strangled and replaced with equity.

She didn’t have his strength,he thought. Then she became a mother,despite her softness and yielded the 9-months of immaculate pain.

Her sense of care was absolute; no where close to what he called “maximum”. He wanted this quality soo badly until he discovered that his adrenalin could rush off the entire family on one arm to safety. He then realised how badly he lacked visible emotions of care,but deep inside, harboured compassion and  love that was carefully enshrouded and buried alive in muscles.
Whatever he lacked,was right there inside his rib. When he lost his zeal,she would rise up to the occasion and cheer him off to victory.If she ever ran out of options,he would calmly loom to the top of the list ; her divine aide.
Women weren’t taken from the rib of a man to be everything  a man already is.
All the extra hair, the curves and the delicateness put them on an entirely different scale

Women are a major complement that completes the bigger picture

When nature needed calm to counterpoise all the robustness and strength a man had, women came up as the best option

When discipline became too much of a tool to trim a child, women resurfaced again. 

While men toil under the sun,tilling the soil and sweating buckets to be breadwinners,women keep the home and square the circle to make that bread and even stay back to raise more breadwinners and bread makers.

Whether your job is white collar or pink collar, progress is paramount.

A shovel looks very much like a spade.

But only the ground knows how differently they feel when they hit it.

Men and women are not commutable.

They fit exactly where they’re made for without overlapping.

Men and women are the last of God’s creation; fearfully and wonderfully made.

One crafted with strength,muscles and industriousness ; the other adorned with glamour,empathy and  a bleeding heart.
Women are the beautiful carriages that generations come and go in. 

Men,on the other hand, are the adorable,proud stallions that power these carriages and set them in motion.

Without the carriage,the horse is completely strayed; long on velocity and short on direction.

Women hold the whips to drive out our fears and give us a reason to gird up our loins, fasten our bits and bridles  and lead them safely home.

Without the horse,the cart is just a piece of fine furniture with no intent of moving.

Men hold the keys that put the carriage on its wheels.

In contemporary times,why do some men and women throw out  their place in the home into their offices and leave the door for human rights and equality to creep inside, sit in the sofa and soak up all the love and affection.
Trends have made it necessary for both men and women to soar up high ranks on the corporate ladder and excel in every other career.

This is an absolute honour and a perfect addition to every family.

Nonetheless,it shouldn’t subtract even an inch from your commitment to family and matrimony.
Dear Feminists,

You really do have a point.It’s a great blessing to be born XX.

But don’t you forget that what comes right after the X is a Y.

A Man and a Woman were knitted together.

This beautiful chemistry is part of the creation story.

We’re on the same side of the ring.

We’re in no competition.

You’re a wonderful species and your uniqueness drops the gavel hard on “no need for comparison”.

Beautiful Show-stoppers! Stunning people!

We’re your divine beholders.

Yours truly,



The African Woman 

In my part of the world, many peoples view on leadership is somewhere entrenched between someone in a higher authority far from reach and the diplomatic, very educated and elite politicians and parliamentarians who make laws and hold leap-yearly campaigns which only their kind would understand.

Nobody makes mention of the mothers and fathers who cant do away with working tirelessly to keep the dining table in shape and making virtues and values the key ingredient in their childrens life recipe.

Very little is said of that bald, old headmaster in that God-forsaken school who has abandoned the rat race in the city and dedicated time and energy to give school pupils a taste of education he never got.

How disputes are settled and peace and order is maintained in our traditional communities is no more attributed to our chiefs and elders who dedicate fruitful years sitting on skin and thrones and waving around to their people in palanquins.

Even if it is for just a brief moment, I would love to shine the spotlight on the people who represent pure, undiluted leadership that preserves our culture and integrity as a people and gives us an ambience of rich cultural milieu and revered societal heritage.

To the adorable men and women who spend valuable time to help nurture our kids and teach them beautiful nursery rhymes while we pull nets at the beach and sit endlessly in the scorching sun in our basket-hats to make ends meet, I say Ayekoo.

I would love to scream the name of every single mother who wakes her household every single day to a clean and orderly home and squares the circle to ensure that father and children never go a full day on empty stomach.

This tale is dedicated in the main to the breed of leaders who restore calmness in the home and put up a shield of unvarnished authority around the home.

In any African home, the early mornings cock’s crow means only one thing to most people, the beginning of a new day. To the African domestic goddess, the cocks crow is her heartbeat. 

It means that how everybody else’s day would go depends categorically on how she starts it for them. 

She would hit the snooze button right before the alarm even sounded. Her body is too used to this priceless habit. She arises as though she was in a race with the alarm clock just so she can be early to fill the barrels and prepare children and father so they wouldnt run late. 

Every mess that survived yesterday, she clears without hesitation. The compound dances to the rhythm of the broom as she steps foot to sweep. Sparkling and clean is an understatement when shes done.

Before the early morning dew dries up and marries the rising sun, the whole household is in perfect shape and in full flight for the day’s work. 

She is the epitome of hard work and diligence, a careful brew of a queen and a mother. She is the best combination of work and happiness; allowing work to remain in its premises and endearing her home to herself.

She sits proudly at the very top in her craft and in her league, setting a perfect example right from the setting of the table to the setting of the sun. 

When tempers rise so hot, she soothes the vengeance like she cures a sore; calm and painless. 

If it’s about manners, she doesn’t need a script to be everything she’s been raised to be. 

An African mother spelt backwards represents sheer order in the home. She works her magic by breathing peace into being and bringing together estranged siblings who have vowed not to see eye to eye. A mother’s knack for doing these things doesn’t make her a figure to be feared but rather an authority to be held in the highest regard.

Like an unspoken rule, her instructions dared not be disobeyed while amidst all of these, her love is never doubted. 

God knew he couldn’t be everywhere, so he made mothers. 

On days when World War II is recreated in the home, a mother, like the African Union, the United Nations and NATO, all rolled out as one and painted with a big smile comes to save the day. To her, fighting with a sibling feels like a world War. Mother prevents Hiroshima from blowing up again in her own home. She knows the bridges once burnt cannot be built again, even in a lifetime. She’s not just the security Council, she’s WHO, UNESCO and UNICEF too. She protects and loves, she educates, and she’s the beauty in us.


​This year’s edition is  the “real” maiden edition of the National Science and Maths Quiz. 

Until now, It’s only been a contest that quietly airs on GTV like a Saturday morning ritual and rewards only good schools a trophy we never got a glimpse of.

Most high school people typically would know about pageants their schools weren’t even a part of and  attend every funfair as far as the hills in Aburi. 

Talk about an annual science and Maths quiz and the same young, vibrant minds are completely clueless about what a science riddle even sounds like. 

That “thing” was left alone for the overly dedicated science student to attend to. 

This year, the story took a different turn; the old denouement completely dissolved and resolved. 

The hype got everybody looking forward to it like the premiere of a movie sequel which first part didn’t quite end  well. 

The branding was unusually  professional. From the massive social media presence, the endless trail of #NSMQ tweets that kept Twitter awake right down to the electronic advertisement on a billboard at Okplongo, every Ghanaian who sat in the sweaty Legon traffic or owned a compulsory facebook account would know that some “acaDEMIC” was about to hit the city. 

It was as though everybody was experiencing it for the first time. 
Old Students of high schools painted friends’ timelines with hails  of their alma mater and indirect dares! 

Its been fun to notice older people taking keen interest in a quiz that has less and less to do with their jobs and family. 

The contests were thrilling. The suspense was real. No soothsayer could have followed through with the scores. 

The scores would be very close from round to round  and invited so much excitement  when the winning school eventually fastened their seat belt and sped off to victory. 

There were times the story of Leicester City resurfaced and sank proud Titanics. 

There came moments when Kwame Botwe’s mum asked who stole the meat and the whole quiz household shouted “Botwe awe”

At the end of the game, the Christmas fathers stole the whole show. 

It turns out we fell for their Santaclausian kindness and let them lift the trophy like a gift.

Now, we look forward to massive comebacks and resounding victories. 

Now,  if feels easier to say that the quiz is part of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths development in Ghana. 

We woke up one morning to Science and Maths resurrected in a Grandstyle. 

Now, the whole nation is in rivalry over a trophy that represents innovation, confidence and growth among the youth

Congrats to all participating schools 🙌🙌

Kudos ADISCO!  

Kudos to the organizing  Team! 👍👍✊




Sometimes, the waters we fail to cross flow right across the bridge to our promised land
The fists we refuse to clench hold back the strength that’ll blow the world’s mind.
So, Take that bold step, take a plunge into the roaring oceans. You might just be the calm it needs

What if I sink?
What happens if I lose all that money?
What if I get a “No”
Partner, what if you don’t?

Our Yes’ and Nos are either a step towards or away from redemption
Take a step, make that move. The world isn’t  ever going to be the same without it.

If Martin Luther King had shot dead his uncommon love for human equality because all seemed so bleak and still, who else wouldn’t have?
Years down the line, his choice to embark on a course that would alter life’s biggest rivalry remains unexplainable.

Whatever you plan on rolling out is tethered to your Will and mind . It’s in good company with your personality. If it has to be your footprints on the sands of time , why let  another man take the walk?

David was smaller than some of the Israelite soldiers; Leading sheep doesn’t guarantee that you’ll tame a den.  He was undoubtedly a no-match for Goliath.

Thinking back though, Who else would rise up to a fearful, collosal bully like Goliath but a lowly Shepherd kid who could sink  a stone into the head of a man with just a sling from a distance.
Your nature is as good enough as the purpose you have to accomplish.

It’s time to hold back your fears, make your aim and pull the trigger.
Make that hunt you’re embarking on count.
There’s a whole generation lying in wait for your game.
Assumptions are just one side of the story,  What’s yours?

… Irvin writes

Questions and Answers


Questions which answers we’ll never know but we can’t stop asking~ Why evil?
Luxury that is beyond our wildest discomfort but we can’t stop craving~ Peace and Equality
Dreams that’ll take longer than a millennium to realise but we can’t stop having ~Perfection
Fears that are beyond our greatest insecurities but seems glued to our hearts and minds ~Death
Wishes that are more absurd than the speed of the shooting star that could possibly make them come true ~ Elixirs and Placebos
People who would dig so deep to plant seeds which first fruits they wouldn’t even live long enough to reap ~ Martin Luther King👷
What manner of selflessness would make anyone forgive so genuinely the very peoole who took away the best moments of his life even when sympathisers would kill in vengeance ~ Nelson Mandela
People who invented the concrete foundation we build our lives on in the reltaively appalling inconvenience ~ Inventors
Why people have to lose their lives and virginity giving it to another ~ Mothers
The calmest kind of sanity that was chaotically replaced with nudity ~ Modesty
The kind of beautiful lyrics people penned down before these coveted curse words,compulsory profane language and redundant music studios came in and wrote them off ~ Poetry, Hymns and Jazz
Why the most deserving are denied even the smallest cowries while criminals sleep lazily and wake up to stacks of dollars ~ It’s a dark world

….Irvin writes

Wedding Ringer


Staring at the gold ring in the sleek velvet case only brought tears to Magdalene’s pretty eyes. At first, it seemed like a usual temptation of emotional gesture any woman wouldn’t be able to overcome. Kotey was a successful man by all standards; a dream no woman would want to wake up from. It only took virtues like grace and favor to come across a well-mannered,jovial and God fearing man who treats a woman with respect in the midst of all the financial accomplishments. Here was the most lucky woman on earth weeping like a baby in the face of such an enviable fortune. Everybody inside the Turkish Restaurant looked on and waited for Adwoa to wipe her tears and redeem her honour. But she wouldn’t. She only sobbed endlessly till her tears made an ocean and drowned her in silence.

….Irvin writes

How many?

My hands are full already..
Woke up counting all the possibilities I dread to happen… I fear them.. But I fear also that my fears are very immaterial until I fuel them with actions and words.
Turn on the ignition with quiet actions that cover many milestones in a blink
Fuel them with words that inspire action and breaks cocoons.
How many people light a cigarette for the first time everyday with the same fears they’ve had for years.. fears of lung cancer, bronchitis, death? It only seems they’re waiting for their fears to prove them wrong. 
How many happy glorious  matrimonial grounds are turned into heated war fronts at the brink of dissolution every now and then  after very unsuspecting arguments..
How many young graduates are close to falling on unclean money after going round and round in circles without a decent job
How many sick beds are simply coffins without closed lids; pallbearers standing disguised  as doctors waiting to draw the eyelids down and raise the sheets  up.
How many innocent girls are gon’ exchange pleasure for the pressure from men and peers and slide into a lifestyle of addictions and almost impossible rehabilitation.
How many cool Lads wake up everyday dreaming  of stethoscopes and neurosurgery and yet fall asleep on a cloud of fumes and blinding ecstasy.
How many people will fall madly in love on Val’s day and wake up on Christmas eve feeling sheer prejudice in their hearts of hearts.
How many young people are gon get a Bsc and still not be able to draw a line between passion and their B’s and C’s?
How many people sit on Multi million deals and yet sleep on empty stomachs because dreams don’t have an extension into reality
How many?
Our fears are an ocean of limitless possibilities.. but Hey … so are our dreams.
The only diference there is is  in our Actions and inActions.
   Feel free but… Move!!

When I stand at the end of my life
I hope I would not have a single talent left
So I can tell God
That I used it all
For He and his cause

I have a voice🎶🎵
At the sound of which mountains quiver and move
Now I know why God made mountains
Can’t believe it was all for my sake 🙂

A supple body is a rare gift
Moving to rhythm is a struggle
Then God blesses me with this combo
I know People see God when I do my stunts
I won’t stop dancing for anything
Until I can’t count those who’ll be saved by it

God gave me a great mind
Then I noticed all the woes around me
There’s a big connection
And I won’t be blind to it

When I talk to people about God, conviction isn’t an option
It’s no more about Sunday pews and bible stories
Sometimes, I wonder how many people’s salvation await me
But I know for sure I am for lost souls

Whether it’s a song I can sing
Or a dance move I can do
Whether it’s a poem I can recite
Or a church bell I can ring

I will do it all to God’s glory
Cos not much will be left of me
When I have to meet my kind maker
Who gave me all of it without a price

….Irvin writes


It’s  sweet how time and culture have painted love white and made it look like the full stop to our long essay of life’s struggles.
Love is a pretty good thing and even the smart early kids would tell you how funnily amazing their infatuations feel like.
Love gives you tingles a thousand storms wouldn’t stir up inside you, keeps you awake in awe of what goodness you’ve stumbled upon. Love has the power to sprinkle sparkling gold dust inside your eyes and make you double  blind to itself.. Love multiplies what you have and divides your problems by itself. Love is inarguably  powerful. ♥
If you ever have to wonder why logic and reasoning couldn’t merge black and white, love shouldn’t go unappreciated.
Regardless of its power, love is not enough until it speaks the language of the mind.
When Martin Luther King  led an army of people to fight for freedom, he had with him just one weapon ; the hope and belief that you could mix darkness and light only by pouring out soo much love till hate broke down completely in the face of compassion  and thawed under the redemption of love. 
Even he hoped that “ One day we will learn that the heart can never be totally right when the head is totally wrong”
Your love isn’t ever going to be enough until  your conscience is in the  right place.
“ To have serpentlike qualities devoid of dovelike qualities is to be passionless, mean, and selfish. To have dovelike without serpentlike qualities is to be sentimental, anemic, and aimless.
Love without virtues is like faith without works. It’ll crumble at the least provocation. It’ll only fluorish and  stand tall  when u fill your water can with appreciation, patience and loyalty, make your knapsack sprayer ready to go with acceptance, unfailing responsibility and unending forgiveness.
We can’t live without love. It drains our lives of  joy and passion.
Similarly, love without responsibility is just a mix of vain emotion and empty actions.
It’s as good as dead.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 (NIV) teaches us how to make out real love from a host of counterfeit ones.
Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love is much more work than a feeling you have to confess because bloods are hot and curtains are drawn down. It’s a commitment you have to protect for a lifetime. It’s what remains when reasons and selfishness fall off. It’s manners and sacrifice and hard work.
It’s more than the sharp tingles inside your heart  that make you dead for a moment. It’s worth much more than drive and passion that overflows at the mention of their name. It’s what you wake up with after you’ve whispered their name all night in your sleep.  It’s a feeling of responsibility to protect the people who matter to you the most. It’s tying yourself down do their  loyalty in the worst discomfort. It’s unvarnished integrity even behind their very backs . It’s respect and regard and contentment bred from familiarity .
You can fall in love with someone who doesn’t even  treat you right. And people put people they love through  pain sometimes. But indeed someone who loves you SHOULDN’T treat you wrong. It’s ONLY a matter of responsibility.. A manual of Do’s and Don’ts…A set  of cardinal ethics  and continuous practice to be the right person.
Love isn’t the first sight magic thing.. It’s a continual show of what’s inside…
Inside the Bible, Your love is scripted. Here on earth, the stage is yours!!

 

….Irvin writes

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